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Notarial protocol

What can be recorded by the notary in the form of a notarial deed?


  1. The Annual General Meeting of a Limited Liability Company or Joint Stock Company and result of voting on resolutions,
  2. The Meeting of a Tenants’ Association (Condominium),
  3. Opening the website – a print out of such a page is enclosed to the deed,
  4. Opening email correspondence
  5. The course of event taking place at the notary’s office (e.g. negotiations)



1. drawing up the minutes of annual general meeting of a limited liability company or a cooperative - PLN 750 net,

2. drawing up the minutes of the annual general meeting of shareholders in a joint stock company - PLN 1100 net,

3. drawing up the minutes of the meeting of shareholders of a company other than those mentioned in point 1 and 2, or the minutes of the meeting of the management board, the supervisory board, or the audit committee of a commercial company - PLN 500 net,

4. drawing up the minutes of a tenants’ association meeting - PLN 300 net,

5. drawing up of a report containing a statement made by the investment fund company on the amendment to the statute of the investment fund - 1000 PLN net,

6. drawing up any other report - PLN 200 net.

Drawing up of a report documenting the increase in the company's share capital - the basis for determining the maximum rate is the difference between the amount of the increased share capital and the amount of the existing share capital.

Costs of extracts from the deed is PLN 6 net / PLN 7.38 gross for each page.