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notariusz tłumacz mediator Warszawa


What is a will?


A will is a legal act by which the testator disposes of his or her property in the event of death.
The will indicates who is to inherit all property, a part of the property or a specific thing after the testator death.
A will cannot be drawn up by an attorney or statutory representative.
A will may only contain a declaration of intent from one testator.
If a person wishing to make a will suffers from poor health, it is possible to travel to this person.
A testator must be conscious and should be able to communicate his or her will freely to a notary.
If it is not possible to affix a signature, the notary will collect the ink fingerprint, but in such a situation it is necessary for a third party witness (not from the family) to be present, who shall also sign the will.




A will – PLN 50 net 
A will including an ordinary legacy, instruction or deprivation of the entitled person the right to a forced share – PLN 150 net
A will including a specific bequest – PLN 200 net
Revoking a will – PLN 30 net
Costs of an extract from the deed is PLN 6 net / 7.38 gross per page
Cost of entry into the register of wills – PLN 5 net



notariusz tłumacz mediator Warszawa