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  1. the death certificate of a testator,
  2. the testator's will, if it was drawn up,
  3. civil registry records of all statutory heirs: birth certificates or marriage certificates,
  4. a certificate of the testator's PESEL number or his or her ID card,
  5. the number of the land and mortgage register of real estate owned by the deceased.




If the testator has left a will, the proceedings begin with the notary drawing up the opening report (in the form of a notarial deed) and announcing the will.

The notary draws up a succession report (in the form of a notarial deed), with the simultaneous and personal participation of all persons who are the statutory and testamentary heirs.

Then, the notary draws up a certificate of succession, which specifies the heirs along with the indication of the amount of their shares in the estate, and also the persons for whom the testator made specific bequests specifying the objects of the bequest.

The notary enters the deed of the succession certification into the register of those deeds.




Drawing up the deed of statutory or testamentary succession certification – PLN 50 net

Drawing up the deed of succession certification with a specific bequest – PLN 100 net

Drawing up a succession report – PLN 100 net

Drawing up a draft of succession report – PLN 100 net

Drawing up a report with a declaration of consent to make the succession report in accordance with its draft – PLN 50 net

Drawing up an opening report and announcing a will – PLN 50 net

Costs of an extract from the deed is PLN 6 net / 7.38 gross per page

The notary sends the extract of the deed to a municipality office, tax office and an inheritance court

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