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Co-ownership annulment

If two or more persons own the property, their shares are expressed in fractions of the entire property. This means that every co-owner has the right to use the entire property without any restrictions.

In order to become a sole owner, the parties can, according to their own arrangements, annul the joint ownership in such a way that they can split the individual plots of land (if there are several of them or one has been split by a land surveyor) or one of them keeps the entire property and pays off the other owner.

To annul the co-ownership before a notary public, you will need the following

1) numbers of land and mortgage register

2) the value of these properties



A notary fee depends on the value of agreement objects, and it is quoted individually

Court fees for entry in the land and mortgage register
Costs of an extract from the deed is PLN 6 net / 7.38 gross per page

The notary sends one extract each to a land and mortgage register court, a municipality office [gmina], a county office [powiat] and a tax office


The above-described situation is applicable only to the properties located in Poland!

The Polish notary cannot draw up an agreement concerning the properties located abroad, because they are subject to the law applicable in the country where they are located.