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Anna Hupert 

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In Poland every notarial act must be performed in the Polish language. 


If you do not have a good command of Polish, you cannot be a party to a deed in Polish, unless a state appointed translator is hired who will officially translate it for you. But no worries! You can always phone or email our office and you will not need to look for a sworn translator to have a notarial deed read out for you in English!

A certified translator of English and Polish


I have over 20 years of experience in working with and speaking English. In the past, I lived abroad, later worked for international companies for more than 10 years, and since 2010 working full time as an English and Polish translator and interpreter. I specialize in law, finance, economy, and selected technical fields.

In 2013, I passed the state exam and became a certified translator of English and Polish entered onto the list of certified translators by the Ministry of Justice. In addition to corporate clients and individual customers, I also provide my translation and interpreting services for the notaries, courts, prosecutor's offices and police. I completed 2-year postgraduate course in legal and certified translations, and 2.5-year postgraduate course in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Furthermore, I completed a number of courses for certified translators in law, finance, and other specialized fields. I have been the member of TEPIS, the Polish Society of Certified and Specialized Translator since 2011.


A notary & mediator 


I completed my notarial training in 2012. I have worked in the notaryship since 2009. Before opening my own office, I gathered my professional experience working in four notarial offices for many years, each of which had different character and other type of dominant clients. I speak English fluently. I completed a two-year course in British law and European Union law at the University of Cambridge.

During my notary training, I also had professional training in a district court, in the civil division, land and mortgage registers division, as well as in the commercial court of the National Court Register.

I have been a mediator since 2017. I strongly believe in this amicable method of dispute resolution.